The recommended way of getting GServlet is to declare a dependency on the gservlet-api library using your favorite build tools but you can build it also from the latest source code in the GitHub repository. The current release is 1.0.1. You can search for previous releases on Maven Central.


Release Release Date Changelog
1.0.1 21 February 2021 Changelog
1.0.0 2 January 2021 Changelog

From your build tools




repositories {

dependencies {

Snapshot builds

You can access snapshot builds from the sonatype snapshot repository by adding the following to your repositories:

	<name>Sonatype Nexus Snapshots</name>

Building from source

> git clone
> cd gservlet-api
> mvn clean install


The documentation which is generated with Maven is based on Asciidoctor. Only the HTML output is enabled.

> mvn clean generate-resources -Pdocumentation

The built documentation can then be found in the following location:

> ./target/generated-docs

On the other hand, the Javadocs can be found in the folder:

> ./target/site/apidocs    

We use UMLGraph to generate UML class diagrams which are embedded in the Javadocs, therefore you must have Graphviz installed in your computer and the GraphvizX.XX\bin directory added to your system PATH.